Tool - “Stinkfist”

Live at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS

Tool - “Stinkfist”

Tool - Stinkfist, originally released on 1996's Ænima, performed on January 27 of 2024 @ the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS.

Special thanks and credit goes to everyone that contributed to this video edit by sharing the amazing footage! Thank you:
Active Scooter ​⁠
AMR Archives ​⁠
Bailey Johnston ​⁠
Blake Jefferson ​⁠
Bryan Ross ​⁠
Channing Domangue ​⁠
Christine Perkins (IG: love_fisi)
Drake Stone ​⁠
Mexican Marauder ​⁠
Mitra G ​⁠
Res ​⁠
Ryan Royals. ​⁠
Scott Johnson ​⁠
Sheetrock Dave ​⁠
spiraledout78 ​⁠
Tartalon ​⁠
Theresa Williamson ​⁠
Trace Miller ​⁠
Wearing Myself Art ​⁠
Will Callaghan ​⁠

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