Tool - “Schism”

Live at the Legacy Arena @ the BJCC in Birmingham, AL

Tool - “Schism”

Tool - Schism, originally released on 2001's Lateralus, performed on January 26 of 2024 @ the Legacy Arena at the BJCC in Birmingham, AL.

Special thanks and credit goes to everyone that contributed to this video edit by sharing the amazing footage! Thank you:
Ben Hunt ​⁠
Blake Dalrymple ​⁠
CWoody Music ​⁠
Daniel Yarnell ​⁠
Fly4AWyteGuy ​⁠
Hawes Burkhardt ​⁠
Jay Jay ​⁠
JBW W ​⁠
Jeffery Tucker ​⁠
Jodie601 ​⁠
Jonathan Hunt ​⁠
Panda Was There ​⁠
Robby Stewart ​⁠
Ryan Jordan ​⁠
Ryan Russell ​⁠
Stephen Johnson ​⁠
Teddy Flair ​⁠
Zion Seth Shreve ​⁠

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