Thrice - "Dandelion Wine"

d live at the Warehouse Live Ballroom in Houston, Texas!

Thrice - "Dandelion Wine"

On 9/24/21, Thrice played live at the Warehouse Live Ballroom in Houston, Texas! The 13th song of the night was a live debut of "Dandelion Wine" from their 2021 release Horizons / East.

"Dandelion Wine" written by Dustin Kensrue, Eddie Breckenridge, Riley Breckenridge, and Teppei Teranishi of Thrice.

Thank you to everyone who helped me in getting this together!
Special thanks & credit to Riley Breckenridge, Eddie Breckenridge, Teppei Teranishi, Dustin Kensrue, Dave from Space City Shows, Lindy Kennedy, Jessica Reding, and Adam Anderson.

@spacecityshows :    / @spacecityshows  

Jessica Reding:
   / @jessicareding3135  

The Color of the Sky (live debut!)
The Artist in the Ambulance
Black Honey
All the World is Mad
In Exile
Deeper Wells
Summer Set Fire to the Rain
Buried in the Sun (live debut!)
Just Breathe
Robot Soft Exorcism (live debut!)
Dandelion Wine (live debut!)
The Long Defeat
The Earth Will Shake
Beyond the Pines

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