Thrice - “Where Idols Once Stood”

Live at Furnace Fest 2022 in Birmingham, AL

Thrice - “Where Idols Once Stood”

Thrice - Where Idols Once Stood, performed on September 23 of 2022 from their 2002 release of The Illusion of Safety.

Special thanks & credit for this video go to:
​⁠ - Bleed_DukeBlue
​⁠- Diego Coguox
- Nikki Monique (IG nikkiwhomever)
- Billy Herald (IG _billy_da_kid)

Setlist (includes full album of The Illusion of Safety):
Kill Me Quickly
A Subtle Dagger
See You in the Shallows
Betrayal is a Symptom
In Years to Come
The Red Death
A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds
Where Idols Once Stood
To Awake and Avenge the Dead
So Strange I Remember You
The Beltsville Crucible
That Hideous Strength
The Artist in the Ambulance

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