The Undertaking! - “No Friends”

Live at Furnace Fest 2023 in Birmingham, AL

The Undertaking! - “No Friends”

The Undertaking! - "No Friends" performed on September 22 of 2023 from their 2021 release of “Funeral Psalms”.

Special thanks & video credit to:
Austin Visser of The Undertaking! ​⁠
Andy Lara
Diego Coguox - YouTube: ​⁠ (IG: boshxc)
Zach Delph - YouTube: ​⁠ (IG: zachdelph)
Alan Starns (IG: rtralan)
Joel Swanson (IG: tigerrawk)
Matt Rogers (IG:
Michael Dixon (IG: our_wings_are_burning)

The Problem with Being Included in the Apocalypse
No Friends
Oh, Negative (with David Bunton of The Showdown)
Black Cats
A Witch's Deathbed Confession
Nostalgia Can Be a Nasty Beast
And Everything Worked out Just Fine (with Meadows)

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