Poison the Well - “Ghostchant”

Live at Furnace Fest 2022 in Birmingham, AL

Poison the Well - “Ghostchant”

Poison the Well - Ghostchant, performed on September 24 of 2022 from their 2003 release of You Come Before You.

Special thanks & credit to:
​⁠POISONTHEWELLOFFICIAL & ChrisHornbrookDrums for the drum cam footage!
​⁠JustinGGoodwin, Bleed_DukeBlue, Dennis Martinez, Keith Montgomery, & risenbygrace_photography (IG)

Prematurito el Baby
Are You Anywhere
Artist's Rendering of Me
Rings From Corona
Zombies Are Good for Your Health
Parks and What You Meant to Me
Slice Paper Wrists
Apathy is a Cold Body

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