Loathe - “Is It Really You?”

Live at Chelsea’s Live in Baton Rouge, LA

Loathe - “Is It Really You?”

Loathe - Is It Really You?, performed on December 4 of 2022 from their 2020 release of I Let It in and It Took Everything.

Special thanks & credit for this video go to:
​⁠Fat Shingleton 225
Silas Woodruff (IG silasdoesnotexist)
Matthew R Christensen II (IG matt_c.ryan)
Jerry Naquin (IG j_e_r_d_d_y)

Setlist (includes full album of I Let It in and It Took Everything):
(recording of) Theme
Aggressive Evolution
Broken Vision Rhythm
Two-Way Mirror
451 Days
New Faces in the Dark
Red Room
Is It Really You?
Heavy Is the Head That Falls With the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts
A Sad Cartoon
(recording of) A Sad Cartoon (Reprise)
I Let It In and It Took Everything...

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