Every Time I Die - “Dark Distance” re-edit

Live at Mid-City Ballroom in Baton Rouge, LA

Every Time I Die - “Dark Distance” re-edit

Every Time I Die - Dark Distance, performed at Mid-City Ballroom in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 23, 2021 from their 2021 album, Radical.

Special thanks & credit for video goes to:
Jimmy Alford ​⁠ (Jimmy A. on YT)
Kyle Keegan ​⁠ (Kyle K on YT)
Devin Thibodeaux ​⁠ (Fat Shingleton 225)
Owen Turcotte (owen_turcotte91 on IG)
Michael Ledet (ledetology607804 on IG)
Garrett Saia(toughassgarrett on IG)
Tyler Harper (whoistylerharper on IG)
Corey Wilmore (xskurvyx on IG)
Shawn (fathershawn on IG)
Crystal Grove
Jordan Grove
Vincent Liotto
Julie Seguin
Tamara Lynne
B Dizzle
John Dailey

11/23/21 Setlist:
Dark Distance
Bored Stiff
Planet Shit
Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
Post - Boredom
Decayin' with the Boys
The New Black
Romeo a Go-Go
She's My Rushmore
Buffalo 666
The Marvelous Slut
Apocalypse Now and Then
It Remembers
The Coin Has a Say
White Void
Map Change
All This and War

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