Capra - “Tied Up” @ Furnace Fest 2023

Live at Furnace Fest 2023 in Birmingham, AL on 9/23/2023

Capra - “Tied Up” @ Furnace Fest 2023

Capra - "Tied Up", performed on September 23 of 2023 from their 2023 release of “Errors”. includes a full listing of my multi-cam videos, whether they are posted on my channel or featured on other channels. Subscribe to the email list to get notified when a new video is posted! Thanks to LG Media & ​⁠LambGoat!

If you have additional footage, please submit here:

Special thanks & video credit to:
Cory Jeffers - YouTube: @cmjeffers ​⁠ (IG: cory_matthew_jeffers)
Bleed_DukeBlue - YouTube: ​⁠@sfoy2012
Aaron Lacy (IG: aaronscottlacy)

Tied Up
Human Commodity
The Locust Preacher
Trauma Bond
Paper Tongues

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