Badflower - “The Jester” / “Girlfriend”

Live at Saturn in Birmingham, AL on February 1, 2024 Video edit is a collaboration with Brody Argo. Go subscribe to their YouTube channel. Thanks Brody!

Badflower - “The Jester” / “Girlfriend”

Featured on Brody Argo’s YouTube

Badflower - “The Jester” & “Girlfriend” played as the encore to their February 1, 2024 performance in Birmingham, AL.

Thank you to Brody Argo for the collaboration and providing the bulk of the footage. Also thank you to the Badflower fans that also contributed footage of the performance.

Deeandra - YT @deeandra3
Tandra - IG @/tandratbh
Tony “The” Ray - IG @/tonytheray
Amber Smith

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